Character of Conant Prize Fellows Revealed by Interviews With All New Scholarship Holders

Last Article of Series of Three Reveals Further Type of Men Holding Awards

What is the general character of the typical Prize Fellow? It has been proven that he is not a grind, but interested in extra curricular activities.

Impressions gotten from interviewing the Fellows is an indication of general type. The reactions of 20 undergraduate interviewers resulted in the following general picture: Fellow 1., something of a dude. . . . sticks well to the books--knows how and where he is going--likeable and dependable;

Keen Mind

Fellow 2., have found him to have a keen mind . . . slated to go a long way in his field; Fellow 3., brilliant mind, fluent speech--takes part in college life with enthusiasm;

Fellow 4., ill at ease in society, hesitating manner--strictly a country boy--does not smoke--his passion is study; Fellow 5., serious minded, but with a large group of enthusiastic friends . . . listened to with respect . . . perhaps a little too serious;


Quick Thinker

Fellow 6., swell but eccentric--a cynic, quick thinker, unusual sense of humor--innate idealism; Fellow 7., friendly and hard working . . . no originality or wit . . . doesn't talk much;

Fellow 8., hardworking, quiet sort without any particular vices--uninteresting; Fellow 9., extremely pleasant and likeable fellow; Fellow 10., jovial, genial, all around person . . . most hospitable; Fellow 11., quick mind revelling in sophism . . . ardent punster;

Not a Grind

Fellow 12., certainly not a grind; Fellow 13., reasonably intelligent, but scarcely brilliant . . . grave sense of humor; Fellow 14., intellectually on his toes, confirmed pacifist, sees through things easily; Fellow 15., not completely submerged in studies.

Thus it goes. The conclusion would again be. . . Conant Prize Fellows are not narrow minded grinds.