Rifle Club Will Clash With Cadets of National Guard

Intercollegiate Team Will Be Formed in Near Future

Shooting against the First Cadet Corps of the National Guard, the Rifle Club will stage its second match of the season next Tuesday.

In accordance with a new policy there will be only eight active participants, although there will be ten on the squad. Two will be used to handle targets and scores.

Leading the group is number one man Parkman D. Howe, Jr. '37. Others now shooting in a postal match with Princeton, are: Anton W. Asmuth '38, Richard P. Axten '37, Harry A. Freiburg '39, Henry McC. Godden '36, Spencer D. Howe '37, George A. Matteson '36, Philip Straus '37, Elkan Turk, Jr. '39, and Malcolm S. McN. Watts, Jr. '37.

In the near future, the club plans to form an Intercollegiate team and a team to shoot against other clubs.