"Floating University" Will Make Summer School Voyage to Europe With Short Stay at Olympics

J. Anton de Haas, Harvard Professor of International Relations, May Take Charge

World voyages primarily for students, entailing systematic classroom work as well as sight-seeing, have been conducted for six years by the "Floating University," under the sponsorship of the University Travel Association. A 60-day Summer School Voyage to Europe, during July and August, will also be undertaken this year.

Although Harvard does not give credit to any of the courses followed on the "Floating University," this summer course, with emphasis on the cultural rather than the educational value of the trip, should prove worthy of consideration.

Besides touching all the Scandinavian countries, the tentative itinerary of the voyage will include visits to Russia, Germany, Holland, Belgium, and France. Short cruises will be made up the principal fjords in the "land of the midnight sun," and in Russia there will be an extensive tour of the city of Leningrad and a three-day side trip to Moscow. Four days will be devoted to Paris, including excursions to Versailles and Fontainbleau.

The main attraction of the voyage will be the three days in Berlin, from August 7 to August 10, during the Olympic Games. Members desiring to spend more time here may rejoin the main party at Hamburg, or travel overland to Rotterdam or Paris. In any case, opportunity will be granted to attend the Olympic Yacht Races on August 11.

In addition to general lectures on countries visited and a special lecture on the Olympics, there will be regular courses on Art of Northern Europe, Economics and Foreign Trade, Comparative Government, European History, Geography, of Europe, Sociology, Admiralty Laws, and Navigation. J. Anton de Haas, professor of International Relations at Harvard, is a member of the Advisory Board and will undoubtedly conduct one of the courses.


Based upon first-class accommodations throughout, and including a comprehensive program of shore excursions and overland tours, the cost will be $980 per person. This will cover the entire voyage, from the time the ship sails from New York on July 4 to its return on September 2.