Luncheons and Receptions Planned for Members of University During Christmas Vacation

Following the custom of former years, many Harvard Clubs are planning luncheons or other receptions to students of the University who may be at home during the Christmas holidays. All members of the University are most cordially invited to attend those meetings. Where the time and place of the meeting is not announced in the following list, it is suggested that inquiry be made of the secretary or other officer of the Club.

Harvard Club of the Berkshires

David J. Malcolm '13, Secretary, Charlemont, Mass.

Harvard Club of Buffalo

Luncheon at LaFayette Hotel, Buffalo, 12.30 o'clock noon, Friday, December 27. Bradley Fisk '26, Secretary, care of Flint & Kent, Buffalo, New York.


Harvard Club of Chicago

Luncheon at Red Lacquer Room, Palmer House, Chicago, Thursday noon, December 26. John W. Valentine '29, Secretary, 115 West Monroe Street, Chicago.

Harvard Club of Cicinnati

Franklin H. Lawson '21, President, Evans and Whateley Streets, Cincinnati. Harvard Club of Cleveland

Luncheon at University Club, Cleveland, 12.30 o'clock noon, Saturday, December 28, James C. Weir '30, Secretary, 630 Bulkley Building, Cleveland.

Harvard Club of Dayton

Irvin G. Bieser '24, vice-president, Refiners Oil Building, Dayton. Harvard Club of Fairmont, West Va.

Luncheon at Hotel Fairmont, Thursday noon, December 26; James O. Watson '00, Watson Bldg., Fairmont, West Virginia.

Harvard Club of Houston

Richard A. Stout '29, Secretary, Legal Department, Shell Petroleum Corporation, Houston, Texas.