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After thoroughly enjoying the Carols and Christmas music rendered by the Glee Club last evening, the following comments are made only because, as an enthusiastic alumnus, I should like to hear the Club achieve even greater perfection of performance.

Throughout the concert, the precision of attack and delicacy of expression for which the organization is deservedly famed were continually evident. However, to one listening expectantly for the joyous mood of this seasonal music, the performance lacked warmth and exuberance such as should be abundantly present in music of this character. It was as though in securing polish and finish substance had been destroyed.

It is well known that the participants in both the Glee Club and the Choral Society are enthusiastic about the work of their organizations and the selections which they render. Despite this enthusiasm, however, the voices conveyed no impression of enjoyment or spirit barely restrained to the requirements of the compositions. The impression is rather one of a well-drilled group, not particularly carried away with the compositions which they perform. Technique there is an abundance, but the glee which might be expected of a music loving Glee Club is lacking.


Since there is really no scarcity of enjoyment among the singers, it is believed that this little suggestion can readily prove helpful. An Admirer   Helge Holst