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Protection From War Possible Only Through League Action For Collective Security


The Roosevelt-Hull neutrality program is a great advance over the policies of the preceding administrations, Miss Sarah Wambaugh, expert on foreign affairs and Technical Adviser and Deputy Member of the Saar Plebiscite Commission, said in an interview with the CRIMSON.

The present administration's stand is certainly far superior to that of previous administrations, but in order to protect ourselves from the danger of being involved in war and its attendant depressions the only way is to stop war itself.

"To achieve this we must join with the rest of the world, through the League of Nations, in a system of collective security based on mutual assistance to prevent aggression.

"The weakness of the League in these first fifteen years of its existence has been due primarily to our absence, for, because of our pre-eminent economic and potential military strength, our claim to the right as a neutral to trade with the aggressive state has made all efforts of the League to establish collective security abortive.

"Thus our isolation policy has done ourselves infinite harm, for the lack of a system of collective security has made possible the series of calamities from political and economic consequences of which we are now suffering.

"The Ruhr occupation was primarily due to the fear of France regarding her security; the Japanese aggression against China would probably never have been attempted had Japan not believed, and rightly, that our absence from the League made sanctions impossible. Mussolini in all likelihood would not have planned his adventure in Africa had he thought the League could function in a divided world.

"This is not only a war of Italy to subjugate a small and helpless nation in Africa. It is a struggle between two oars. Slowly and painfully, organized society is attempting to abolish the war system and establish the system of law.

"Mussolini is reaching out with his mailed fist to drag us back into a more primitive age when conquest was respectable and did not offend the moral and legal code of international society as it does today.

"If the League fails, this will encourage militaristic states in other continents than Africa, and we must be prepared to see our world swept by wars, from which we cannot hope to remain long aloof. If the League succeeds, we may count on peace and security and be free to go about our twentieth century business."

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