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Former Five Insurance Inspector Now Reads Sanskrit, Persian And Hindustani


Contrary in popular opinion, David Taggart Dickinson '18, who is frequently to be seen tearing around Cambridge in his bright red three-wheeled "gig" and ten gallon hat, has no connection with the Fire Department. However, since early boyhood, fires have been his hobby, and at present he is unquestionably the foremost authority in Cambridge on their causes and prevention.

In 1921 he was stricken with infantile paralysis, which rendered his legs almost useless. As a result, he was forced to give up his vocation of fire insurance inspector, and so turned his attention to various Asiatic languages. He now has a reading knowledge of Sanskrit, Hindustani, Persian, Hebraic, and a profound understanding of Arabic.

Dickinson is quite convinced that modern politics and government are in a sorry state of decay. "We have," he remarked, "not a government, but a tyranny of organized ignorance; of the morons, by the morons, and for the morons.

"The modern election," he continued, "is a sincere expression of insincerity. The Teachers' Oath, for example, is the most colossal farce. An honest man is not honest if he goes about telling people he is; furthermore, if any one really wanted to subvert the government, he would take the oath ten times a day.

"It is extremely difficult to understand the point of view of the masses, and this hit of falsely patriotic legislation is no doubt the result of suspicion and jealousy of the intelligent classes on their part. This attitude is also reflected in the actions of the Legion.

"I am under the impression that the Legion, while outwardly trying to organize some sort of fascist party, is really doing nothing more than throwing up a smoke-screen to camouflage their annual drunken spree. Truly the government is in the hands of the rabble. One day we shall awake and find the State House dome is missing."

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