Team Scheduled to Meet M.I.T. at Arena Next Week--Forward Lines Remain Unchanged

With the return of Ash Emerson to active duty, the Varsity hockey team looks forward with merited confidence to the opener against Tech, which, it has finally been determined, will be played in the Arena Tuesday. Though Emerson will probably not be in the starting lineup, he should see action soon.

First Two Lines Unchanged

Though Mike Hovenanian was absent yesterday, he will be back in the harness with Freddy Moseley and Sam Callaway as one of the most promising forward walls Harvard has seen in years starts against Tech. Louis Carr came up from the number four line to fill in during the practice.

The Ecker-Ford-Hallowell number two line also remains unchanged, but the Sophomore number three line was momentarily broken up as Coach Stubbs put Al Dewey at center in place of Ned Cutter.

Defense Combinations Uncertain


With plenty of good material on hand, Joe Stubbs has only to divide it up into smooth working pairs. Sophomores Traf Hicks and Russ Allen will probably continue together, but for the rest of the squad no definite pairings have been made.

Prospects are rosy for this first game, which is looked upon as a good conditioner for the squad. Even Joe Stubbs admits that "We Ought to win it," and the most conservative prognosticators predict a margin of four or five goals for the untried Crimson.