New Law Review Discusses Latest Treatise by Beale

a discussion of the Exchange Provisions of the Revenue Act, which is now before the Supreme Court and will be settled within three weeks.

"The English Joint Tortfeasors Act" is a legislation note explaining how the statutes could be applied in Northwestern states and gives suggestions for improvement.

After the review of twenty recent law cases there are several reviews of new books on legal matters. There is a review by Horace Emerson Read, professor at Minnesota of both A" Treatise on the Conflict of Laws" by Joseph H. Beale '82, Royall professor of Law and the "Restatement of the Law of the Conflict of Laws" by the American Law Institute Publishers.

There are also reviews of Harvard University Press book: Model Law For Planting Cities, Counties and States and Budding Lines and Reservations for Future Streets by Zachariah Chafee Jr., professor of Law.