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The Vagabond


Before the Vagabond had time to answer, the March Hare was already down the ladder and the Hatter was anxiously looking for his hat and Alice was putting on her prettiest little frock. "There is nothing I can do about it now", thought the Vagabond "I suppose I'll have to take them along with me to the tea."

"Ye take us", cried Bill the Lizard, "say get a leg on, we're taking ye."

"Now, Bill, watch your manners," said Alice who felt responsible for what might happen since the whole affair was her suggestion, "I'm not sure Mrs. Conant will like you anyway. You look so funny sipping tea. And remember, take little bites and don't begin at the center."

"Thank ye, I can manage my cookies all right enough," said Bill in a squeaking voice, "ye just watch the Hatter doesn't sneak some away in his hat like he did last time."

"Enough of that, young fellow," interrupted the Hatter coming from under the table, "where is my hat? I can never find anything in this old Tower when I want it."

The Dodo was standing at the window looking pensively at the hustling world below and without turning around simply said: "My good Sir: that is the fascinating part of living here. You get a chance to transcend your habits; you have to look for things anew; you get a chance to wonder--and that, Sir, is the beginning of all philosophy. Professor Whitehead will tell you more about that. Go to Emerson A at 12 today and listen."

"Ah, ye are always talking shop," retorted Bill the Lizard wagging his tail, "ye only learn as ye amuse yeself--here, have a cookie."

Just then a loud yawn was heard coming from the top of the four poster: "What's all the fuss about?" asked the Dormouse in a hoarse, feeble voice and slowly opening its eyes. But before anyone could answer: "Oh, no, I, I wasn't sleeping. I heard every word you fellows were saying. And you're making too much fuss about the Oath Bill anyway. . . ."

"Never mind that now," the Hatter said impatiently, "get out of my hat."

Finally everyone was ready. The Old Woman held the ladder. Bill slid down as usual. The Dormouse nearly fell asleep on the fourth rung waiting for the Hatter to make the next step. But Alice felt herself so grown up going to a tea that she wouldn't even let the Vagabond carry her down piggy-back. Yet all reached ground.

"Good-by", waved Alice to the old Woman.

"Good-by," said the Dormouse feebly, and rubbing its eyes.

"Don't forget my carrots," said the March Hare.

"Ah, ye are always a thinking of the stomach," laughed Bill the Lizard. And by four on this Sunday they all finally and happily reached the Conants. And the fun was really just beginning.

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