Brooks, Carsetin, Foote, Hedblom, Scull, Iselin, Russell, Tobin and Wilson Are Ushers

Society will throw open its arms to Freshmen tonight at the first dance of the year. Festooned with streamers and decorated with numerous balloons, the Lower Common Room of the Union will harbor the romantic yardlings from 8:30 until 12:00 o'clock. The music for the occasion will be supplied by Don Gahan and his orchestra.

Charles A. Meyer and Hugh Maeneil were responsible for the decorations, and Clifford W. Wilson and Charles D. Dyer, 3rd deserve the credit for procuring the orchestra.

R. Bennett Forbes, in charge of the sale of tickets, withheld the actual number already sold but indicated the couple tickets were being consumed far more rapidly than the stags. The tickets, priced at $1.25 a couple and $1.00 a stag, are still on sale on the Union, or they may be procured at the door. A complete canvass of the Freshman dormitories netted over 80 couple tickets.

Among the patronesses will be Mrs. Delmar Leighton, Mrs. Francis A. Harding, and Mrs. Kendric Marshall.

The Union Committee has chosen the following ushers: Francis A. Harding, Jr. head usher, Philip Brooks, Lawrence W. Carstein, Caleb Foote, Richard P. Hedblom, Oliver Iselin, Jr., Henry E. Russell, David Scull, James Tobin, and Clifford W. Wilson.