Haines, Dunker, Sampson, Lake, Floyd in Tribute--Engraved Watch Gift From Men of Coaches Club

Sixty-one persons paid tribute to Henry W. ("Eskie") Clark '23, retiring assistant director of athletics at Harvard, at a farewell dinner Saturday night at the Hotel Continental, Cambridge. The popular "Eskie" will take up his new duties as Director of Athletics at Lafayette College on January 1.

Present and former members of the Coaches Club, administrative officials of the Athletic Association, and a few invited guests made up the assembly.

Toastmaster for the occasion was William J. Bingham '16, Director of Athletics and Chairman of the Athletic Committee. H. Herbert Haines, President of the Coaches Club, spoke for the coaches, Henry Dunker '25 for Clark's friends, James P. Sampson '35 for the former managers who had worked with Clark, and Austen lake for the press. Richard C. Floyd '10, President of the Harvard Varsity Club, also delivered a short address.

A Waltham watch was given "Eskie" at the dinner; on the inside cover were engraved the Athletic Association seal and the words "to Eskie from Harvard Coaches Club, December 7, 1935." A coffee service was presented to Mrs. Clark.

No mention of Clark's successor was made at the dinner. Francis J. Ryan '23, director of publicity, and Richard C. Harlow, Varsity football coach, have been cited as possible candidates for the position.


Those present, in addition to the honored guest, included:

William J. Bingham '16, Rufus H. Bond '19, Thomas Camphell '24, George W. Canterbury, Jr., George C. Carens, John F. Carr, Jr. '28, John P. Carr '11, Hans Carstein, Edward L. Casey '20, Henry Chauncey '28, Arthur J. Conlon. '22, Harry C. Cowles, Howard E. Cox, Sidney Curtis '05, Blake Dennison, Henry Dunker '25.'

Dennis Enright, Edward L. Farrell, Wesley E. Fesler, Richard C. Floyd '11, Norman W. Fradd, Clifford J. Gallagher, Carrell F. Getchell, Bert Haines Howard Hart '38, Clark Hodder '25, Dr. Ralph J. Joplin, Harold Johnson '04, Victor O. Jones, Austen Lake, Henry Lamar, Arthur Lane, '27, Myles Lane, Frank O. Lunden, James F. McRac, John McDonald, Dr. Frank W. Marrin '10. Jaakko Mikkola. Fred Mirchell, Webster J. Morse, Robert R. Muir, Henry Myerson '32.

Nils V. Nelson '20, Rene Beroy, Frank Ryan '23, Adolph W. Samborski '26, Arthur Sampson, James M. Sampson, Abe Savrann. Arthur Siegel, Neil Stanley Fred R. Sullivan '27, Harold Ulen Clarence B. Van Wyck, Frank J. Vanghan, Adam J. Walsh, Mclville Webb, Bernard D. White '32, Charles J. Whiteside, Stanley Woodward, Joseph Wright '05