Green's Championship Hopes Blasted By 6-2 Victory of Crimson Skaters On Hanover Ice

Destroying Dartmouth's last chance to retain its intercollegiate hockey championship, the Crimson sextet Saturday morning defeated the Indians 6-2 at Hanover. The victory places Harvard in a tie with Yale for first place in the Quadrangular League although the New Haven team has made a better showing against non-league opponents. A return game will be played on Friday, February 22, in the Garden.

Harvard did all of the scoring in the game up to the last five minutes, when the Green broke through to secure both its tallies. Ford started the row of Crimson score after exactly 17 minutes of the first period had rolled by, while Watts made his contributions in the second and third periods. Watts, Dewey, and Moseley were responsible for the other Harvard points.

The steady tempo of the game was occasionally broken by lone sallies up the ice which were responsible for all the eight scores. Crimson lines seemed to work smoothly with Dewey playing at right wing part of the time being the only change from the announced order. The Freshman line of last year appears to be playing efficiently again while Hallowell again spent two periods in the penalty box. Only six penalties were called during the whole contest, with those equally divided.

The summary:

HARVARD  DARTMOUTHS. Callaway, Carr, Dewey, r.w.  l.w., Wolff, Riley, MacPhersonMoseley, Ford, Holmes, c.  c., Allen, Fitzpatick, BarrettJ. Callaway, Ecker, Hovenanian, l.w.  r.w., Guibord, Adams, DevlinDow, Watts, Brown, l.d.  r.d., Bennett, Otis, O'HareEmerson, Rooce, g.  g., Harris, Cas