News from the Houses

Win in League B Squash

Adams and Winthrop nosed out Brooks and Dunster in the League B House squash matches played yesterday. Four defaults characterized the match between the Anglers and the Gold Coasters.

The summaries:

Adams vs. Brooks

Score--Adams 5, Brooks 0.

Cobb (A) won by default; Hadley (A) defeated Mather (B), 3-0; Hutchinson (A), Hill (A), and Rosenfeld (A) all won from Brooks by default.


Winthrop vs. Dunster

Score--Winthrop 4, Dunster 1.

Burbank (W) defeated Withington (D), 3-1; Ross (W) defeated Frey (D), 3-2; Peet (W) defeated Loomis (D), 3-0; Kellogg (W) defeated Humstone (D), 3-0; Schumann (D) won by default.

Victors in the D League were Dunster and Winthrop, which defeated their respective opponents Leverett and Adams by 4-1, and 3-2.

Information regarding the matches between Lowell and Eliot and Leverett and Kirkland of League B, and between Kirkland and Lowell of League D was lacking last night.