Varsity Squashmen Swamp Strong Union Boat Club 4-1

Glidden is Outstanding Player of Afternoon

Harry Cowles' racqueteers cleaned up on the Union Boat Club yesterday with a score of 4-1. By winning this first play-off, they are thus on the highroad to the Class A championships, to be finally decided by the next match, which will be played Tuesday at the B.A.A. courts.

While all the matches were distinguished by fast play, that between Germain G. Glidden '36 and Cross of the U.B.C. was the outstanding one of the afternoon. By superior reach and many excellent drop shots, Glidden showed himself the master of his opponent, ending his set with a score of 3-2.

E. Rotan Sargent '37, number one man, showed up very well, easily defeating his opponent. By a recent match with Glidden, the number two man, Sargent won the Massachusetts State Championship.

The summary:

Score--Harvard 4, Union Boat Club 1. Glidden (H) defeated Wakeman (UBC), 3-2; Sargent (H) defeated Bowditch (UBC). 3-0; Glider (H) defeated Cross (UBC), 3-2; Delano (UBC) defeated Haskins (H), 3-1; Thom (H) defeated Wheeler (UBC), 3-2.