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News from the Houses

Adams, Dunster, Eliot Victors in Squash


Dunster fought its way into the lead in League C squash yesterday afternoon by blanking Winthrop House, while Lowell, erstwhile leader was idle. Lowell now has a commanding lead in League B, five and a half games ahead of Dunster, its nearest competitor. Eliot defeated Kirkland in League C without the loss of a single game.

The summaries:

League B:

Dunster defeated Kirkland, 3 to 2: P. T. Ellsworth, Tutor (K) defeated Thomas Whiteside '32 (D), 3-2; Warren Dolano '32 (D) defeated A. W. Williams 1G. (K), 3-2; E. A. L. Jantzon '32 (K) defeated Christopher Birckhead '33 (D), 3-1; Richard Borden '33 (D) defeated Clinton Hebberd '3. (K), 3-0; R. H. Bates '33 (D) defeated G. C. Homans, '32 (K), 3-0.

Eliot defeated Winthrop, 4 to 1: E. E. Mitchell '34 (E) defeated W. F. Wolff '33 (W), 3-0; H. A. Spalding '34 (E) defeated G. R. Shaw '34 (W); 3-0; N. T. Winthrop '34 (E) defeated P. H. Futcher '32 (W), 3-1; A. P. Balzerini '32 (W) defeated W. A. Munroe '33 (E), 3-2; Acosta Nichols, Jr. '34 (E) defeated E. C. Goodwin '32 (W), 3-0.

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