News from the Houses

Adams, Dunster, Eliot Victors in Squash

Adams, Dunster, and Eliot were the conquerors in yesterday's League A house squash matches, trouncing Lowell, Kirkland, and Winthrop, respectively.

The summaries:

Adams vs. Lowell

Score--Adams 3, Lowell 2.

Gonzalez (A) defeated Dorson (L), by default; Bascom (A) defeated Birkhoff (L), 3-1; Pond (L) defeated Sherwin (A), 3-2; Shapira (L) defeated McCarthy (A), 3-2; Cobb (A) defeated Sohn (L), 3-0.


Dunster vs. Kirkland

Score--Dunster 3, Kirkland 2.

Short (D) defeated Fox (K), 3-2; Nickols (D) defeated Clark (K), 3-2; Mannal (K) defeated Withington (D), by default; Staples (K) defeated Roorbach (D), 3-2; Victor (D) defeated Straus (K), 3-0.

Eliot vs. Winthrop

Score--Eliot 3, Winthrop 0.

Finley (E) defeated Thackara (W), 3-1; Coolidge (E), Peet (W), match postponed; Mason (E), Ross (W), match postponed; Plumb (E) defeated Williams (W), 3-0; Dane (E) defeated Kellogg (W), 3-1.

Lowell, Dunster, and Eliot carried the day in the League C house squash games played off yesterday, overcoming Adams, Kirkland, and Winthrop, respectively.

The summaries:

Lowell vs. Adams

Score--Lowell 4, Adams 1.