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In order that Harvard may maintain her traditionally liberal policy of receptiveness and adaptability to the forces of the times, more attention must be paid to training men in the College for service in the changing scene of politics today. The Business School has taken a laudable step in establishing courses in the new field of governmental business administration, but adequate guidance among the shifting milestones of present day political theory and action should be furnished for the undergraduate as well.

A series of courses, or a whole new field of concentration should be framed, similar in some respects to the excellent department for the study of government and diplomacy at Princeton. The New Deal, and the realignment of thought throughout the world that has led to experiments such as the New Deal, have made only superficial alterations in the courses offered by the Department of History, Government and Economics at Harvard. The new material added to the Harvard syllabus could be as well assimilated by the student in a careful study of newspapers and periodicals. With the increasing tendencies toward socialization and government interest in practically every field of enterprise, it is important that the college man should have an opportunity to gain a knowledge and understanding of modern political thought and practice.

Harvard is no longer the best school for prospective government officials. There is no reason however to advocate increased emphasis on efficient college training, for government service so that we can "beat Princeton," but rather that Harvard may remain, consistent in her determination to impart to her students not only the wisdom of the ages but the freshness of today.

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