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Highlights of the Commuter Report


A. Though the commuters have an equal opportunity for "a formal academic education," for them "the University makes no . . . . provisions to encourage . . . . the development of the intangible qualities of character and personality which appear a natural result of the residential environment."

B. The commuter problem has become more acute in recent years because of:

1. The House Plan, which has removed "the center of student life south of Massachusetts Avenue, leaving the commuters isolated."

2. House athletics, which have further accentuated distinctions by putting the commuters on special teams.

3. The Union has been diverted from its original purpose and at the same time the number of clubs and fraternities has declined.

4. The depression has made things very hard financially.

C. The basic requirements for a commuter center are "a clean, light, spacious dining room," a "space for . . . . common rooms," and "locker or storage space."

D. Such a building might be financed, as to operating cost, by either (a) charging each commuter $10, the amount which 220 non-residents said they would be willing to pay in answer to a P. B. H. questionnaire, or (b) estimating the total cost and charging each man on a pro rata basis.

E. The original cost of purchase, if a non-University building is to be used, "be met by the University either through its own funds or through gifts solicited for this purpose."

F. Such a building would be administered by a graduate secretary and would have a Faculty Advisory Committee.

G. At this building a more varied menu than offered by Brooks House would be served.

H. Specific recommendations:

1. Hemenway Gymnasium is the first choice of the Committee. Failing this, due to University opposition:

2. The old 54 Club, corner Dunster and Winthrop Streets, is urged next.

3. Last, not very strongly, Memorial Hall is proposed.

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