Graduate Fencers to Clash With Varsity in Meet Here

Freshman Swordsmen to Face Andover on Double-Header Program

Freshman and Varsity fencers will match thrusts this afternoon at 2.30 o'clock in the Indoor Athletic Building when the first year men meet Andover and the Varsity clashes with the Graduate Fencing Club.

The Graduates have previously encountered the Varsity and were defeated 15-12. The Crimson blade-wielders are reaching the end of a successful season, losing only to Navy.

The Freshmen have maintained a perfect record and have downed all their six opponents easily.

The following men will represent the University:

Foils: Robert C. Ackerman '35; William F. Gerber '37; Philip E. Lilienthal '36; John F. Reppun '36.


Sabre: Morton Grant '36; Henry D. Grush '37; Frederick W. Sands '37; William K. Wyant, Jr. '35.

Epee: Richard Ford '36; Edward E. Langenau '35; Edward O. Miller '37; Webster F. Williams, Jr. '35.

The following are the Freshman fencers:

Foils: Wallace H. Cox; Edwin G. Davis, Jr.; John C. Rowley, Jr.; Alcibiades E. Sophos.

Epee: John Ashmead, Jr.; Kenneth T. Bird; Eugene L. Saenger; Albert E. Weiner.