A Vote of Thanks


(Ed. Note--The Crimson does not necessarily endorse opinions expressed in printed communications. No attention will be paid to anonymous letters and only under special conditions, at the request of the writer, will names be withheld.)

To the Editor of the CRIMSON:

While the CRIMSON is editorially spanking the University for lack of competent doctors and the shortcomings of Stillman, I should like to put in a good word for the nursing staff that watched over me during an imprisonment of seven days in ward B.

With beds crowded into every corner, with new patients arriving even before the old ones had been properly sterilized for their return to the outside world, the work was endless. Yet no errand was too trivial for their attention, and in spite of endless difficulties due to overcrowding, they managed to make their restless patients comfortable and cheerful.

I think they deserve a vote of thanks. W. D. Cotton, Jr. '35.


(Ed. Note--The CRIMSON is glad to have this opportunity in joining with Mr. Cotton in his praise of the nursing staff. If the medical staff equalled it in thoughtfulness and skill, there would be little cause for unfavorable criticism.)