The More the Merrier


To the Editor of the CRIMSON:

Writing from my bed in Stillman, I believe I am in a position to comment on your editorial of today entitled, "A Menace to Every Student."

Your criticism of the Department of Hygiene is unjust, unfair and unwarranted. Stillman Infirmary is a clean, modern, well-equipped hospital. No facility exists which is not available to the sick student. Your condemnation of it is based solely on the triviality that the corridors leading to the X-ray room are drafty. But if you could see the care in keeping the building clean, airy, and pleasant, I believe you would overlook the fault.

Your criticism of the diagnosis of patients, on the other hand, is just. The fault, however, is due solely to lack of sufficient physicians, not to their incompetency nor disinterest.

Upon this we should focus our criticism. Our objective--two doctors in attendance at all times. Samuel Moncher '35.


(Ed. Note--The CRIMSON realizes that the nursing staff takes every precaution to keep Stillman clean. Nevertheless, we feel strongly that the present building is out of date. This quite obviously is due to financial difficulties and would not be so serious if it were not accompanied by medical incompetency.

We find it hard to believe, however, that the lack of sufficient physicians is the only reason for this incompetency. If a doctor feels in doubt over any case, we feel it essential he seek specialized advice. Our record of cases do not show constant adherence to this principle.)