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Undergraduates in Harvard College will be afforded an opportunity to compete for posts in all departments of the CRIMSON beginning tonight, when competitions begin with a preliminary meeting at 7.30 o'clock in the President's office of the CRIMSON Building at 14 Plympton Street.

The competitions for the news, photographic, and business boards are open to Freshmen only, while only Sophomores and Juniors may compete for the editorial boards.

Business Training

Journalism may have once been pure art, but today it is business to a great extent. The CRIMSON, while failing in none of those public and ethical purposes upon which sound journalism is based, adheres to the practical. This embraces the remunerative elements of advertising, circulation, and finance. It is in these fields that the opportunity for vast experience in business training inheres, for involved are elementary accounting, the solicitation of advertising and subscriptions, letter writing, office work, and the collection of bills.

While we have no intention of presenting such problems as easy of solution, the pleasure and satisfaction derived from a CRIMSON competition compensate for the effort required. The jovial fellowship with those who have already proved their competence, the invigorating contacts with enterprising business men throughout the east, the presence at the focus of University events, all contribute to the zest of this, the most fascinating activity of undergraduate life.

The competition for the business board, while exacting, does not require the time of the candidate other than during those business hours which his classes permit. It lasts but eight weeks, and does not interfere with the preparations for final examinations.

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