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Hardened though she is to the antics of her public servants, the spectacle of Governor Curley bringing a libel suit against The Boston Herald on the grounds of an article in which his name was not once mentioned, should make even Massachusetts blush.

The Herald stated that the resignation of Commissioner of Correction Lyman was due to the action of a "high ranking state official." Has Governor Curley suddenly become so sensitive that he imagines himself to be this official? It is a testament of the ever-recurring optimism of mankind that Governor Curley is still sensitive to the press at all. The many "incivilities" tendered him during that golden age when His Excellency was Mayor of Boston should have toughened his skin. In addition Governor Curley has pending a $500,000 libel suit against this same newspaper for publishing verbatim a report in which he was mentioned. That other Boston newspapers could have published the same report without hurting the Governor's increasingly delicate feelings is as inexplicable as what use wealthy Governor Curley could have for a more $500,000. It certainly cannot be on account of The Boston Herald's uncompromising Republicanism or its endless battle for clean politics in the Commonwealth. Such spite is far beneath the Governor of Massachusetts, especially a man of such a sensitive nature.

Governor Curley should drop his libel suits before they get beyond his control. It is not becoming for the highest official in the Commonwealth to interfere with the freedom of the press. Moreover, His Excellency should recall the words of Grover Cleveland; "Don't sue for libel; they may prove it on you."

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