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New Haven, April 12 Though skeptical as to present financial conditions, Dr. Marvin A. (Mal) Stevens, former Yale head coach, frankly believes Harvard's plan "would be ideal at Yale." As quoted in the Yale News, Dr. Stevens, always an advocate of some means of underwriting Eli sports, declared Harvard's move "would once and for all eliminate the strictly business attitude which, of necessity, has come to influence Yale athletic policy in recent years."

Citing revamping of football schedules and unheavals in Blue coaching personnel, Dr. Stevens put himself on record as favoring "any system of endowment which would make Yale football a sport instead of a business." Athletics, in his opinion, is as integral a part of any university's educational program as its classroom lectures, and the coaches should enjoy the same security as the college faculty, with similar provisions for retirement.

Harvard's goal is ideal and would be a fine thing for Yale, Dr. Stevens said, "because I think I am right in saying that there isn't the same warmth and heart permeating the whole Yale athletic set-up to-day, as there was in days which some of us remember."

The Yale News, which has been demanding contracts and greater security for Elf coaches called Harvard's plan a hold step, but declared "we are happy that the changes are taking place at Harvard, not at Yale."

In 1932 a report drawn up on intramural sports under the College Plan flatly asserted "that the day of these enormous receipts is past, and athletic costs, like all other costs must be materially reduced. Athletics at Yale should adjust themselves to simpler and saner standards of living."

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