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"Traveling Saleslady" is Funny; Bob Hall Rhymes News at the Met


Despite the fact that "Traveling Saleslady" is a very entertaining moving picture, the program at the Metropolitan this week is still hovering just below Dean's List. It merits a high C plus or a very low B minus.

The stage show is announced as "April Fool," which is, perhaps, a very good name for it. Whatever else it might be named would not be so good. There is a young man who plays an accordion, and he is a very good accordion player as accordion players go. Then there are three young ladies who are lovely of look at, but not so delightful to hear. Unfortunately they can't dance, they sing. The chorus does a number to "Love and a Dime" which is a novel and very fetching affair. The young ladies prove that they really can dance, especially the blonde fourth from the right. She simply seethes with biological expressions.

Now we come to the headliner wouldn't you know it.

It's Bob Hall, the extemporaneous poet,

He versifies the headlines of our times

With ridiculous, terrible, padded rhymes,

Old Bob Hall, a Broadway yegg.

Last night definitely laid and egg.

Hugh Herbert, William Gargan, Joan Blondell, Glenda Farrell, and Bert Roach make the feature picture really funny. It's all about a tooth paste war which can be an interesting war with Joan Blondell and William Gargan cutting each other's throats. Hugh Robert continues his excellent screen career as an inventor. This time he makes "Cocktall Toothpaste," an ides which has an insidious resemblance to Maurice Chevalier's liquorized chewing gum in "The Big Pond." The ides theft can be condoned, however by the magnificence of Mr. Herbert's acting.

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