Freshmen on Probation Tentatively Accepted Until Final Rank-Lists Determine Standings

Every member of the Class of 1938 in good standing has been assigned to the field of concentration of his first choice, according to an announcement yesterday by the Munn Concentration Quota Committee.

Freshmen on probation have been only tentatively accepted depending on their final records in June. The chief work of the Committee at present is to guide undecided men into the field which is best adapted to their interests.

Since the experiment is in its early stages, it is impossible to determine to what extent the Committee can stabilize the tutorial system. The principal goal at present is to enable the departments to have tutorial staffs which are not liable to sudden fluctuations.

Definite Choices Accepted

Every man with a definite choice has been accepted, but the experiment affects only those who are undecided and who may conceivably receive the same benefits from either of two fields. To facilitate this, much more detailed information concerning the various choices has been sent to each Freshman.


It is believed by the committee that, over three year periods, approximately the same percentage of men in the Freshman class will want to concentrate in each field, and that by revising the quotas at the end of that time the system can keep abreast of the undergraduate demands.