The Student Vagabond

"I see by the papers," said Alice trying to make conversation, "that the American Chemical Society now meeting in New York is talking of trips to Mars, indefinitely long human life, toothbrush-less days, and pills which give nourishment equal to a seven course dinner. Dear me, I wonder what the world is coming to!"

"That's just the trouble," answered the old Owl blinking its eyes for it was getting sleepy, "pretty soon we won't have anything to wonder about."

Alice felt encouraged to go on.

"But it's progress; and I think it will be wonderful not to have to wonder about anything."

"There you go already," said the Owl, a bit perturbed at Alice's logic, "you're saying it will be wonderful not too wonder, but, as you ought to be able to see, a thing that is wonderful is simply something that's full of wonder. Consequently, is there's nothing to wonder at, nothing will be wonderful."


"I didn't exactly look at it that way," said Alice pretending to understand and trying to be polite.

"Nor does it seem you've given much thought to all the unemployment those seven course dinner pills will cause. Think of all the cooks, waitresses..."

"Never mind that now," interrupted the Mad Hatter. "If the universe is going on forever and our lives will be extended indefinitely, then we'll have all the time there is to do everything that isn't."

Alice thought she felt a little better.

"But since, dear Alice," continued the Mad Hatter, "unemployment is, then that's one thing we won't be able to do anything with...."

"Oh, dear me," thought Alice, "I wish I had never read the paper!"

Just then White Rabbit looked at her.

"I was just thinking, Alice," he said meekly, "do you think the carrots are just as good on Mars?"

This morning at 11 the Vagabond will listen to Professor Hocking in Emerson 211 lecture on "Democracy."