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With a Crimson runner placing in every event of the afternoon, and with seven new records established in the Varsity events, Eddie Farrell's Varsity cindermen Saturday rolled up a stack of points which topped by five tallies the combined totals of their opponents, while the first year men garnered double the points of their nearest competitor at the Stadium.

In the Varsity events, Harvard netted 155 1-10 points to 46 1-5 by Tech, 37 1-5 by Northeastern, and 26 1-2 by Boston College. The Freshmen scored 101 1-2 points, with Boston College second at 54, Boston University third at 33 1-2, Northeastern fourth at 14 1-2, Tech fifth at 11 1-2, and Tufts sixth at 4.

Emile Dubiel, versatile Sophomore, led the onslaught upon the existing records with his vault of 13:2 on Saturday and his broad jump of 23 ft., 4 7-8 in., on Friday afternoon. Normie Cahners equalled this with the record time of 11 1-5 seconds for the 100-meter dash and the second record of 163 ft., 2 1-4 in. for the hammer throw. Milt Green contributed another record with, his victory in the 110-meter hurdles, and took five additional points with victory in the 200-meter hurdles, while Captain Scheu led the field to the tape in the 1500-meters for a record in that event.

Though held down in the shot-put to a meagre fifth, Harvard's field men placed first in javelin, discus, and hammer throw, with four other point-winners in these events. Dick Johnson's throw of 210 ft., 8 1-2 inches in the javelin bettered the present Harvard record but was disallowed because of the favoring wind, Malcolm Millard's throw of 152 ft., 1 1-4 in. won the discus.

A high spot of the meet for Harvard fans was the 200-meter dash, in which Eddie Calvin led four Harvard men to the tape for a blanket win. Bob Playfair, star distance runner, threatened the existing record in the 3000-meter race, but his bid fell short of breaking it, as he hit the tape a few yards ahead of Charlie Woodard.

The summary:

100-meter dash--Won by Cahners (H); second, Brookings (H); third, Calvin (H); fourth, Downer (H); fifth, Crawford (H). Time--11 1-5 sec. (New record.)

200-meter dash--Won by Calvin (H); second, Cahners (H); third, Thieriot (H); fourth, Callaway (H); fifth, Brookings (H). Time--22 3-5 sec.

400-meter run--Won by Eldredge (NU); second, Ellis (NU); third, McKee (BC); fourth, McLellan (BC); fifth, Abell (H). Time--50 sec.

800-meter run--Won by Jenkings (MIT); second, Bliss (H); third, Dorman (H); fourth, Cooper (MIT); fifth, Donney (BC). Time--1m., 58 sec.

1500-meter run--Won by Scheu (H); second, Hines (BC); third, Jenkins (MIT); fourth, Woodward (H); fifth, Harper (H. Time--3 min., 59 3-5 sec. (New record).

3000-meter run--Won by Playfair (H); second, Woodward (H); third, Gurke (MIT); fourth, Johnston (NU); fifth, Pier (H). Time--8 min., 57 4-5 sec.

110 high hurdles--Won by Green (H); second, Kickham (BU); third, Henderson (NU); fourth, Hakanson (NU); Crawford (H). Time--15 1-5 sec. (new record).

200-meter high hurdles--Won by Green (H); second, Henderson (NU); third, O'Leary (BC); fourth, Crawford (H); fifth, Faatz (MIT). Time--24 3-5 sec.

Running High Jump--First place tie between Komich (NU) and Thomson (MIT); six feet; third, tie between O'Connor (BC) and Sandler (NU), five feet, eight inches; fifth, tie between Tiffany (H) and Ray (MIT), five ft., six in.

Running broad jump--Won by Dubiel (H), 23 ft. 4 7-8 in. (New record); second, Johnson (MIT), 23 ft. 3 3-8 in.; third, Green (H), 23 ft. 2 7-8 in.; Dunlevy (H), 23 ft.; fifth, O'Leary (BC), 21 ft. 3 in.

Pole Vault--Won by Dubiel (H), 13 ft. 2 in. (New record); second, Woodbury (H), 12 ft. 6 in.; third, tie between Barcewicz (H), Cook (H), Piper (H), Waltonen (NU), and Stark (MIT), 11 ft. 6 in.

Shot Put--Won by Zaitz (BC), 48 ft. 3 in. (New record); second, Thomson (MIT), 41 ft. 2 in.; third, Hadley (NU), 40 ft. 9 1-4 in.; fourth, Herman (MIT), 40 ft. 6 1-4 in.; fifth, Mead (H), 39 ft. 4 3-4 in.

Javelin Throw--Won by Johnson (H), 210 ft. 8 1-2 in.; second, Dunlevy (H), 166 ft. 6 1-4 in.; third, Brown (MIT), 164 ft. 4 3-8 in.; fourth, Waltonen (NU), 162 ft. 3 3-8 in.; fifth, Kirk (H), 160 ft. 2 7-8 in.

Discus Throw--Won by Millard (H), 152 ft. 1 3-4 in.; second, Hadley (NU), 146 ft. 7 5-8 in.; third, Thomson, (MIT) 128 ft. 8 in.; fourth, Zaitz (BC), 126 ft. 9 3-8 in.; fifth, Silzby (H), 116 ft. 2 1-8 in.

Hammer Throw--Cahners (H), 163 ft. 2 1-4 in. (New record); second, Crout (MIT) 139 ft. 4 in.; third, Kinraide (MIT), 132 ft. 4 1-2 in.; fourth, Brown (H), 129 ft, 7 5-8 in.; fifth, Murphy (BC), 119 ft. 1 in

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