Program of General Examinations and Examinations for Honors

Thursday, May 9


Friday, May 10

9.15--12.15 Biochemical Sciences Emerson 211

9.15--12.15 English Literature (Part Three) Emerson D


9.15--12.15 Geological Sciences Sever 29

9.15--12.15 Greek Literature Sever 29

9.15--12.15 History (Correlation)

Government (Correlation)

Economics (Correlation)

Memorial Hall

*9.15--12.15 Sociology Emerson D


2.00--5.00 Music (Examination A) Music Building

MORNING Saturday, May 11

9.15--12.15 Latin Literature Sever 29

*The Examination will begin at 9.15. The blue books will be distributed at that hour. The papers, however, will be distributed at 9 o'clock to these present. The obvious purpose of this arrangement is to allow 15 minutes extra time before the examination to those who may wish to read over the paper.