Dick Johnson to Try for Record With Javelin; Harvard Has First Place Winners Without Much Support

Bidding fair to repeat last year's win and to break a few records in the bargain, the Varsity track team will pit itself against the almost untried Princeton cindermen in the dual meet Saturday.

Dick Johnson, who has hurled the javelin 210 feet at least once this year, will take a shot at the dual meet record of 187 feet 9 inches, made in 1924, while Norm Cahners and Mac Millard will probably sew up the hammer and discus Harvard will be weak, however, in attempts for seconds and thirds in these three events.

Captain Alex McWilliams of the Tigers, who, at top form could take the pole vault with case, has been out of action so far this year with two game knees, and if he is off form Saturday, Dubiel and Woodberry should take the event. Dubiel and Green will garner most of the points in the broad jump.

Bob Hall is suffering from a sore groin and Bill Flackert and Lonis Wenzel of the Tigers promise to make it hot for him in the high jump. Mike Herman, in spite of Millard and Schumann, will probably take the shot for the visitors.

On the track, Hull of Princeton, is expected to push Bob Playfair in the 3000 meter run, while Hogan will be Princeton's bid against Jack Scheu in the 1500. Bliss and Woodward will probably run for the Crimson in the 300, while Carlisle Abell will place in the 400.


Eddie Calvin should take the 200, while Cahnors and he are expected to place in the 100 meter dash. Green is conceded victory in the hurdles, with Princeton taking the seconds and thirds