Twilight Game Will Begin at 5.30 for Benefit of Spectators and Players With Divisionals

HARVARD  PROVIDENCE Prouty, lf.  3b., Madden Adziglan, 3b.  lf., Lendry Gibbs, cf.  cf., Marion Bilodeau, 1b.  2b., Gallagher Owen, rf.  ss., Bloidon Woodruff, ss.  1b., Soar Maguire, (capt.), c.  rf., Hazell Hayes, 2b.  c., Lefebvre Braggiotti, p.  p., Eldredge

Rained or blown out since the disputed Princeton game on Saturday, April 27, the Varsity baseball team resumes its regular schedule in an encounter with Providence College on Soldiers Field this afternoon.

Drib Braggiotti will assume mound duty for the Crimson with Bill Lincoln in reserve and the rest of the starting lineup unchanged. Handicapped by prevailing bad weather the team will face a tough assignment in the Rhode Islanders.

Under the direction of their new mentor, John J. Egan, the Providence aggregation brings a 12-7 victory over Princeton and the memory of their 14-4 win over the Crimson last year onto the diamond with them.

El Eldredge, southpaw, will pitch, while the veteran co-captains John Madden and Leo Marion will be omnipresent at third base, in centerfield, and at bat.


A twilight affair, the game will start at 5.30 o'clock instead of an earlier hour. This is an experiment chiefly for the benefit of those members of the Harvard team and student spectators who would otherwise be kept away by Divisionals.