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Harvard's more active alumni have approved the idea of starting a capital fund, the income of which will in time be used for the support of the university's athletic program, thus severing the "vicious connection between football gate receipts and athletic expenditures." This proposal has been hailed by those who bemoan the overemphasis placed on football in paying coaches high salaries, arranging all-star schedules to draw the paying customers and building huge stadia on a commercialized scale. Other institutions should follow Harvard's example, they argue.

Perhaps "other institutions should follow Harvard's example," and more than likely they would were the plan not impracticable in most cases. One man's food has always been another man's poison, and so it does not necessarily follow that what is good for Harvard is benefiting to other universities.

Heavily endowed institutions can well afford to start endowment funds, even in such times as these. But colleges which are having all they can do to continue their classroom programs and to meet the faculty pay roll have neither the time not the business to carry on crusade in the field of athletics. Until the time comes when "tremendous football gate receipts" are once again realized, reforms for their abolishment can be postponed. --Daily Pennsylvanian.

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