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Who Are We?


A former student of this University, now studying law at Harvard, tells us that the elite East has never heard of the University of California. When asked occasionally where he spent his undergraduate years, this particular graduate will say, "California." Then the person will say, "That's in Los Angeles, isn't it?" or, "You have pretty good football teams, huh."

The California man will indignantly reply, "The University is in Berkeley." The answer is "Oh!"

This is a matter of only secondary importance as we view the social disunity, the economic disorder and look back on last week's barometer for A.S.U.C. card sales but we honestly wonder when the University and also the State of California will come to be regarded as apart from Hollywood. It also seems about time that someone should inform the East that Trojan football glory died a sudden death in the fall of 1933. Then there are those other unimportant items such as the University being the largest in the world and one of the five Class A universities in the United States.

This is truly a matter to view with alarm, and without banter we suggest that some of our more ethnocentric loyalists and propagandists climb to the top of Grizzly Peak and bay back at Boston high society in the hill-billy jargon that is all they seem able to understand: just so this matter can be put straight. We are not too enthusiastic about the University, but there are very few movies we enjoy and we believe that Kipling was almost right: south is south, but by God, north is also north. --Daily Californian.

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