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The Vagabond


January 14th. Lay long with great pleasure this morning and was glad at my heart to open my eyes on such a beautiful blue sky and to hear the happy voices of children already playing in the street below. And as I did turn towards the case ment I saw thereupon, in its winter garb of brownish cream-buff spots, a chattering Starling who did strut back and forth in most serious-like manner. And I did guess his errand. Indeed, little one, was my heart most wont to say, I, too, sense the difference. But all will be well; soon we shall cast those bells to the stones that peace and solitude may reign in the Tower once more. At this the little visitor did rejoice, left his calling card, and flew away.

Thence, up and I did pour could water into the basin and did refresh myself and so, very sprightly, to breakfast on bran and jam and muffins and thence to stroll along the River whereupon I did meet--and we did marvel at the weather; after which preliminaries we took to examining the morning news. "Experiments have been conducted by Probation authorities," one encouraging bit did read, "and as a result it has been demonstrated that 'bad boys' are no different from other boys, except that the former have been caught." And I thought to myself how wonderful is science in our modern age.

And so by foot to the Square where I did browse in Brooks' Shop and did chance to come upon a most fine edition of the Rubaiyat which I bought for very little and was much pleased to get. And thence to the Barber's and to read a bit. I did immediately note this:

Myself when young did eagerly frequent

Doctor and Saint, and heard great Argument

About it and about: but evermore

Came out by the same Door as in I went.

All which did serve to remind me of philosophy work as yet undone and so very quickly did turn the page. Whereupon the haircutter did want to know if by chance an Italian wrote the verses and I did educate him that those precious jewels were first said by a Persian. But this did not interest him and he would not let me alone but took to talking of Mussolini. I was then time for the razor and I felt it behooved me to hold my peace.

Thence by and by to the Yard where I did tarry for a moment to watch the noon stokes of the Memorial Church bell and so immediately to the Large Room at the Foogg where I did hear Professor Chase conclude the first half of the history of art with a lecture on Roman Sculpture. And it did make me sad at heart that the Italians don't spend more time reviving their artistic tradition and less chasing innocent, water-soaked Ethiopians.

And so to Widener for the rest of the day where the air was very stale. Thence as guest to Lowell House and made very merry, and by and by up the River and to bed.

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