Dartmouth Tilt Tomorrow Finds Ecker, Hovey Benched With Concussions Moseley in No Tip Top Shape

With Ecker and Hovenanian definitely out, and Captain Moseley in doubtful condition, the Varsity pucksters will enter the Arena oval tomorrow night with slightly better than even chances against a none too highly rated Dartmouth team.

Dartmouth Defense Weak

Fertunately for the Crimson, Dartmouth has a weak defense, which showed itself vulnerable to solo attack in the 7-8 rout at the hands of the Elis last week. So Harvard's forward walls, uncoordinated though they are, may be able to outscore the Green, which has to get by the capable defense work of Thorny Brown and Jim Roberts, and after that the jealous net-tending of Ash Emerson.

Moselay Will Start

Joe Stubbs plans to start the Moseley line, with Sam Callaway in his old right wing position and Al Dewey in place of Hevennalan.


The Indians, though they have lost only to Yale and McGill in nine games, have no powerhouse attack. Captain Paul Guilford has been twice named for the all league team, and Jack Costello is a capable wing, but so far they harent been able to get together with any third man and form a smooth working unit.