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People's Friend


WHEN Albert Benjamin "Happy" Chandler, new governor of Kentucky, registered at Transylvania College (Lexington, Ky.(, he had, he says, "a new dollar bill, a red sweater, and a smil." He added to this combination athletic skill, its resulting physical buoyancy, plus ability to play jazz on the piano. On several years to coach basketball, "Happy" returned to Transylvania for an A.B. in cost. The University of Kentucky made hima lawyer. Until 1927 he coached freshman football at Central College while he attended to law cases brought to him. He had been doing chores of all sorts since high school when a rural mailman turned him over to relatives.

Election to a state senatorship from his native Vermont in 1929 spelled the doom of in 1935 of both DEmocratic and Republican machines in the state. The lieutenant governorship was his in 1931. He shortly broke with his friend, Ruby Laffoon, governor an dKentucky Coon creator. In Governor Laffoon's absence he pushed through a law requiring the selection of a public national candidate by primary, not party convention. By fortuitous and planned maneuvering, he was rollered to the governorship in November. He was not an old-line Democratic choice, but he was a Democrat and he endorsed President Roosevelt and Jim Farley announced that he was glad.

Medical Friend

FAR removed from the political whirlgig that had red-headed Governor Chandler cruising the streets for votes in a sound truck with a red-combed rooster on the radiator, is Professor Lloyd Arnold of the University of Illinois, in a state neighbor to Kentucky. With a colleague, Dr. J. A. Vauchulis, in the division of bacteriology, department of health, Dr. Arnold has perfected a new skin disinfectant for surgical use. The new solution is much cheaper than any disinfectant known today and more efficient than any other. Eminent in medicine, Dr. Arnold received his M.A. at Texas Christian, an M.D. at Vanderbilt. He has taught at Tulane, Loyola (Chicago) and Vanderbilt.

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