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"With the rising outburst of agitation all over the coutry for benefit football games to tide us over the critical months of winter, the students of Yale have come out definitely and defiantly for the cause. Carrying as it does the support of the members of Yale College, it wields an influence that must be reckoned with.

"This is no child's play but serious business. Athletics, to repeat, belong to the undergraduates and their teams, and if the true purpose of sport is to be prostituted in the name of philanthropy (and in this case it should be), no one has a greater right than the students to decide its destiny. The next step remains for the team to declare their willingness, and thereby their spirit of self-sacrifice, to carry on for an extended season.

"Although the resolution did not specify a tentative date or opponent, little doubt can be entertained as to the best Saturday on which the proposed contest should take place.

"December 12 is not advisable in view of, the intentions of the Army and Navy to play once more for charity. That leaves Dec. 5. With a glance at the schedule for this date, it can easily be seen that one college is prominently suited to meet Yale--a college whose football ideas and ideals have become the criterion of success in the modern game, a college which has supplied graduates to teach others in her own image, and finally a college which is as truly representative of the Middle West as Yale is of the East. Such a college is Notre Dame, peculiarly akin to us in the spirit of football.

"If such a game could be scheduled, little doubt would there be that hundreds of thousands of dollars would be obtained for the destitute and hungry.

"The News suggests a Yale-Notre Name game, or any one that can command the same popularity. It congratulates the council on the same sensibility to human suffering as the University administration has always shown. Truly the undergraduates have responded, as it was hopefully predicted they would, by showing that our institutions are not the retreats of men either supercilious or hard." --Yale News.

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