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They Work to Curb Shysters, Spending


THE new president of the American Bar Association is Frederick Harold Stinchfield, golden vote attorney of Minneapolis. In r900 Bates College thankful for his work on the football team, record mended him to the mercies of the world. He were instead to Harvard for a law degree. He came to the northwest in r909 and has remained in Minneapea long enough to be identified with many a prosperous business enterprise. A war veteran, he has among opportunity in the Two Cities to concern himself at first hand with a favorite project of the American Bar Association-raise to some dignity the just of. American courts as curbing the shysters.

THE Rev. Charles Edward Coughlin of the Nation Union for Social Justice is 45. He was born a Canada of an Irish American father who had been stoker on the Great Lakes and of a mother who have been a scamstress. The candidate the Rev. Charles Coughlin is supporting for the presidency is William Lemke, 56, son of prairie farmers. Candidate Lemark was a Phi Delt at the University of North Dakee where be studied law. The Rev. Charles Coughlin took a doctorate in philosophy at 20 at the University of Toronto. He traveled three months in Europe as there debated a career in the church, politics, sociology. A favorite teacher persuaded him to the first. For this he spent four hard years of preparatory work under the Basilican Order. William Leonard was a brisk Republican lawyer with a Yale degree Pargo the same year Father Coughlin ventured out priesthood as instruction in English at Assumption College (Ontario). That was in 1917. By 1936, Candidate Lemke had deserted the Republicans and received and support of a radio priest who had found a career politics and sociology within the Shueeh.

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