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The Vagabond


Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock in Harvard L.Dr.Watkins on Hobbes and "The Divine Right of Kings".

His words too ponderous, his sentences so long, a grammatical equivocator.... on the one hand-yes-but on the other....persistent ideology behind it all. (Men naturally seek peace.)

The-Vagabond reads Hobbes and thinks of Spain, the embattled loyalists running for cover, food gone, hearts gone, courage gone, the Cause gone. Snarling Whites plunging down the craggy Spanish hills, naked to their waists, indomitable, their powder dry-and plenty of it. Liberty! We Spit On Thee....A dictator, blood and thunder, kill the damn Reds, Vive L'Espagna....An ideology crumbles before gunfire.

Or riots in the streets of Paris, cracked skulls, the bayonet-police, outstretched arms and clenched fists....

The "Leviathan"....Stuarts....Plantaganets turning over in their graves. Does the Divine Right of Kings include Mrs. Simpson?

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