Last Year Freshmen's Contacts With Houses Were Restricted to Latter Part of Spring

In accordance with a plan which the House Masters have agreed to try as an experiment this year. "Freshmen who take their meals regularly at the Union will be allowed to take not more than one meal per week as the guest of an upperclassman in any of the Houses, with the understanding that the meal will be charged against the Freshman's account at the Union."

This statement was released last night at University Hall and represents a change from last year's system.

The full statement is as follows:

"The upperclassman who is the Freshman's host must countersign the inter-House eating slip. The privilege will not apply on the occasions of special House dinners. It is understood that if unexpected loads on any of the House dining halls should occur too frequently, it may be necessary to require advance notice or else to limit the number of guests at any one time.

For the present the procedure will be substantially the same as in the case of inter-House dining among upper-classmen residing in the Houses. Both host and guest must sign a green guest-slip, giving the class and college address of each. It will be the responsibility of the host to know whether the Freshman has previously been a guest during the current week. Only the first meal in each calendar week will be charged to the Freshman's account at the Union; additional meals in the same week will be charged to the accounts of the host or hosts."


The new plan is based upon a recommendation made by a special committee of the Student Council last year.