Harvard Progressive Committee Spellbinds Huge Multitude in Scollay Square from Sound Truck

Nightly Visits to Greater Boston Aid New Deal--Speakers Left to Fend for Selves

Determined to make a Democratic sweep in Massachusetts, the Harvard Progressive Committee supporting the president is making nightly trips throughout greater Boston speaking at rallies in that section. Everyone who is interested in making impromptu speeches from their sound truck can take part simply by showing up at Phillips Brooks House at 7:15 o'clock.

James M. Keller 3L, is in charge of the sound truck in which the trips are made. The whole program is under the direction of Raymond Dennett, 1L.

A typical trip was one made Thursday night when the group left Phillips Brooks House at about 7:30 o'clock making its first stop in Scollay Square. A vitriolic attack on Hearst came near precipitating a riot at this spot.

From this location they moved on to Maverick Square in Chelsea and then to Central Square, also in Chelsea. Phillips Brooks House was reached at about 10 o'clock at night, the usual time for the return. These making this trip were William A. Kirstein, Jr. '38, Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. '38, Felix F. Stumpf '38, Lyman B. Burbank '38, and Timothy J. Reardon, Jr. '38.

If enough men can be collected, the plan is to have the sound truck go to one spot, collect a crowd by playing records, and then leave a man to address the assembly. The sound truck will then go to another square where the speeches will be made from the truck. Impromptu talks are usually given.