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In spite of violent differences between various colleges, sometimes in the same state, the result of the recent National Collegiate Poll announced by the Daily Princetonian, was practically a tie between the Elephants and the Donkeys.

Roosevelt Best Bet

Roosevelt tallied the greatest number of individual votes, the score being 38,977 to 35,702. The Electoral votes, according to those registered in each of the 34 states covered, gave a victory to Landon by 233 to 206.

Among the 14 states and 92 electoral votes missing, however, were seven southern states, having a combined electoral vote of 48, which would undoubtedly be given to Roosevelt.

Solid South Solid

The steadiest vote came in the Solid South, where not one college showed a majority for the Republican ticket, and very few had a Republican showing of more than 30 per cent.

The two colleges surveyed in Alabama gave a total of 1240 votes for Roosevelt and 183 for Landon. Hampton Institute in Virginia gave Roosevelt 394 to Landon's 124. The closest vote in Southern colleges was at Washington and Lee, where Landon showed 314 against Roosevelt's 360.

New England would have gone completely to the Republicans if it had not been for Radcliffe, which gave the Democratic ticket a 264 to 220 preference. Smith and Vassar, however, backed Landon.

Men's colleges in this part of the country lined up solidly for Landon. Yale led with 1818 for Landon, 704 for Roosevelt. Landon had a harder time in Harvard, where his 1384 votes didn't have to turn around to see Roosevelt's 1220.

The Democrats carried the urban colleges pretty well. Barnard, Columbia, Manhattan, and New York University all gave Roosevelt a 5 to 2 lead. De Paul in Chicago gave Roosevelt 1084 to Landon's 227. The University of Chicago gave Roosevelt a 2 to 1 preference, and also had the largest minor party vote, giving Thomas of the Socialists 143, and Browder of the Communists 130.

Washington Shows Largest Vote

Even the vehement anti-New Deal sentiment in Detroit failed to shake the University of Detroit's 906 to 222 vote for Roosevelt. The University of Washington, in Scattle, showed the largest vote of all, of which 2253 balots went for the Democrats and 1562 for the Republicans.

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