Mass Meeting at Brooks House Features Armistice Day Events

Faculty Member Delivers Talk At 2 O'Clock; Discussions on Peace Follow

More than 50 delegates, in addition to the student body and general public, are expected to attend the Armistice Day Peace Institute in Phillips Brooks House at 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon.

Sponsored jointly by the Harvard Student Union and Brooks House Association, the Conference forms part of a nationwide college observance of November 11.

Payson S. Wild, Jr. '30, assistant professor of Government, as main speaker, has selected "The American and World Politics" for the subject of his address.

After his introduction on the problems of peace, the meeting will divide into three discussion groups: International Problems, led by Edwin Mims, Jr., instructor in Government; American Neutrality, led by A. Lincoln Gordon '34, instructor in Government; and The Individual's Attitudes and Actions for Peace, led by Lloyd G. Reynolds, instructor in Economics.

Student organizations cooperating in the Peace Institutes and sending official delegates are the Debating Council, Advocate, Lampoon, Non-Resident Students' Center, Avukah Society, De Molay Club. Radcliffe Student Union, John Reed Club, Leverett, Dunster, Eliot, Adams, Kirkland, and Winthrop Houses, the dormitories, Westminster Club, Freshman Union Club, and student clubs in the Lutheran, Methodist, Unitarian, Congregational, Baptist, Catholic, Presbyterian, and Christ Churches.


The committee in charge of the Armistice Day Program under the direction of F. Welch Peel, Jr. '39, consists of Paul P. Selvin '39, William N. Parker '39, Ralph, B. Murphy '39, William H. Prosser '39, Richard H. Sullivan '39, Avram S. Goldstein '40, Robert P. Bentley, Jr. '38, and James Tobin '39.