Fourteen Are Appointed Assistants in History, While Two Men Fill Posts In Chemistry and Economics

Appointment of 16 new members of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences was announced by the University.

Men appointed assistants in the History Department are: Frederick C. Barghoorn '35, 2G, of Cambridge, Mass.; John C. Campbell '33, 2G, of Cambridge, Mass.; Beverly D. Causey, Jr. 4G, of St. Augustine, Fla.; William A. Davis 2G, of New York, N.Y.; Daniel C. Dennett, Jr. '31, 3G, of Winchester, Mass.; Robert B. Eckles '32, 3G, of York, Neb.; Ralph E. Ladd 2G, of Ipswich, Mass.; Arthur J. Mekeel 2G, of South Ashfield, Mass.; Robert O. Schlaifer 3G, of Santa Monica, Calif.; Richard P. Stebbins '33, of Newton Centre, Mass.; and Bradley DeF. Thompson 2G, of Concord, N.H.

Berryman R. Hurt 1G, of Barry, Ill., has been appointed assistant of History, and Richard Abel-Musgrave, of The Hague, Holland, as instructor in Economics and Tutor.

Appointments to posts as assistants in History for the first half of 1936-37 are: Lester R. Ott, of Petersburg, Ill., and Norman B. Floyd 5G, of Brookline, Mass.

Arthur K. Solomon 3G, of Pittsburgh, Pa., has been assigned to the post of assistant in Chemistry.