Observatory's "Open Nights" Series, Open to Public, Will Include Talks, Star Gazing

Menzel to Lead Off Next Monday With Eclipse Description

Inaugurating a series of four free "Open Nights" at the Astronomical Observatory on Garden Street, Donald H. Menzel, associate professor of Astronomy, will lecture there on Monday, November 9, at 7.30 o'clock. He will talk on the results of the Harvard-M. I. T. eclipse expedition to Russia last June.

Tickets may be obtained free of charge by writing "Open Nights," Harvard Observatory, and enclosing self-addressed, stamped envelope. An individual applicant may secure tickets for only one night.

As in the past, the program will include observations through the telescopes, if weather permits. The Tercentenary exhibits showing the work of Harvard's astronomers and illustrating the geography of the Universe, will also be on display.

The other three lectures are as follows:

Wednesday, November 11, "Astronomical News," by Harlow Shapley, director of the Observatory.


Monday, November 16, "Beyond the Milky Way," by Jenka Mohr, research assistant.

Wednesday, November 13, "The Stars in our Universe," by F. K. Edmondson, assistant.