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The Crime


Your Criminal had intended to publish this morning a little incident which occurred between an official of Radcliffe College and an official of Harvard College. It seems that , owing to some confusion which arose regarding the attendance of Radcliffe Graduate students in Harvard courses, every one must present a pink slip to the instructor. It occurred to your Criminal, however, that the incident might be misunderstood; consequently he turns to that never failing source of undergraduate humour, whimsy, and downright Crime, The Widner stacks.

In the private papers of Samuel Gilman 1811, later D.D., there is a very illuminating exposition of the undergraduate mind. The good Dr. Gilman formulated the following catechism while pursuing his Greek and Latin for four long years.

"Who are the most worldly minded? Ministers.

Who turn Democrats for the sake of office? True Federalists.

Who blush, and flutter their eyelids, and show the most delicate signs of embarrassment when any indelicate subject is touched on in conversation? Modest young women of Cambridge.

Who are the poorest of all bodies corporate? Harvard College."

All these are even more fascinating when one considers that this very same Samuel Gilman was a minister, a True Federalist, married one of the Cambridge, ladies, and wrote the words for Harvard's Hymn, "Fair Harvard."

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