Kirtley Mather Reappointed Director of Summer School

Cabot, Dimmitt, Pottinger Receive Appointments

Dr. Kirtley F. Mather, professor of Geology, has been re-appointed director of the Summer School Session for a period of one year, it was announced yesterday. Dr. Mather has held this post every summer for the past three years.

Henry B. Cabot

In addition University Hall announced, yesterday, three other appointments. Henry B. Cabot, assistant professor in the Institute of Criminal Law, has been appointed research associate on the law faculty for a period of five years.

Harrison S. Dimmitt

Harrison S. Dimmitt, assistant secretary of the Law School, has received an appointment as secretary of the Law School.


David T. Pottinger

David T. Pottinger who has been serving as assistant director of the publishing department of the University Press, has been appointed associate Director of the Press.