League Luminary and Disarmament Expert to Lecture on "The Spirit of Europe"

Senor Salvadore de Madariaga, first ambassador of the Spanish Republic to the United States, will speak on "The Spirit of Europe" in the New Lecture Hall tonight at 8.15 o'clock.

At present Madariaga is the representative of Spain on the Council of the League of Nations, and recognized as one of the most vigorous, well informed and practical of the internationalists.

He has previously been head of the Disarmament section of the League. In this position he distinguished himself by his practical suggestion looking to world-wide arms limitation.

Spanish Patriot

Madariaga, although concerned with international affairs, has never lost his deep-rooted Spanish patriotism. In fact it has been said of him that "He couldn't be so successful in international affairs were he not so ardent a nationalist."


In 1923 he became concerned with the tendency of the League to substitute for national patriots men with international viewpoints. At that time Madariaga predicted that the League would become a clearing house for international politics.