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Feb. 21st. Up, and comes the news F. Roosevelt the President arrives tomorrow for which I am glad, having not seen him since he was governor of New York. Also I hear this day talk of some unofficial merry-making in his honor: some broadcasting business (that he will speak for the committee I am not sure); some bell playing; even fireworks. But of this I now vow to wash my hands and leave it all to Julian Coolidge's Bellboys and more subtle wits. For well I remember last year how sore at my heart I was to have a little putt putt thrust in my face and asked to " 'fess up" when I knew nothing more about it then than I do now. As the ancients would say, 'Twas as if the officer were milking the he-goat and Apted were holding the sieve!

Thence, I to lunch at Dunster and sate next Dr. Cline who be an anthropologist but a very pleasant fellow. And he told me mighty stories of bull-fighting in Malaga. I was quite amazed to learn nearly 1,300 bulls are killed this way in Spain every year--though very gracefully, I am told--and these be worth $20 to $30 a head. Also, it was new to me that the great Cid himself is by patriotic tradition the original bull fighter. I did not catch whether Dr. Cline himself did ever bull fight, though I know were he as capable a matador as he be a story teller the bulls have little chance.

By and by to the Tower and there found--who comes to bring me a poem. But it be so void of humor I could not accept it and so, I hear, he sends it to Lampy. Whereupon he tells me this little stint be oftentimes very dull and I ought to write about such things as the Wellesley Senior who won ten dollars from an Eliot House Sophomore by swallowing the House Mother's goldfish! Both are still doing nicely in the Wellesley Infirmary. But I already too much of this and so to the office to note the schedule.

At 10 o'clock

Professor Haring, "First Brazilian Republic", Harvard 3.

At 11 O'clock

Dr. Buck, "The New South", New Lecture Hall.

Also I note one William Hunt Bullitt will be this morning's student speaker in Dr. Marx's course at 9 in Sever 19. The subject of the oration, which is expected to draw a large crowd, will be: "Chicago's Sewerage System: Old and New". Take it away, Willie!

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